The simplest and the most beautiful way to track your big days

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Keep track of your big days with your own photos and share them on Facebook or Twitter. Set up notifications and add the widget if you don't want to miss.

When To Use

Your wedding day, birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of your baby and all of the other very important days of your life.

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Are you looking for the sample photos you saw when you installed Big Day first?

Trip to Japan | Live Concert

  • "If you’re looking for a classy app to let you just count the days to a special occasion, look no further than Big Day.” Jon Sterling, Appstorm
  • “Such a beautiful app! The simplicity makes it appealing to look at and it's very easy to use.” Weslieeee, App Store Review
  • “If you like the idea of an app that can instantly tell you how many days are left until you go on your next big trip, your child is due to be born, or you retire, this is a solid app." Ben Markton, CNET